No Lunch service on delayed openings due to weather


We regret to advise that we will not be providing lunch in schools on days with delayed openings due to weather.

Delayed openings at schools create significant challenges for administrators, teachers, parents, and children. Busing, alternate transportation, commuting to work, arranging childcare, and clearing the driveway are just a few things that we are all faced with when a school has a delayed opening. Our staff at the School Lunch Association are no different.

Moreover, we respectfully ask that parents who ordered lunch on a delayed opening day, pack a lunch for their child or children.   Should you have concerns about the payment for the missed lunch, we ask you to consider the payment as a donation to our charitable program.  However, if this is not practical, we request that upon placing your next order you adjust the total when in the payment window and subtract the amount you are owed.  All our payment options provide the ability for you to “Pay-What-You-Can” as our mission is to provide a lunch for children regardless of their family’s financial situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Thank you for your understanding.

Other affected lunch service days

Lunch will NOT be served on days under the following circumstances:

1.         Delayed openings announced by the school district due to inclement weather.

2.         Scheduled early dismissals before lunch hour, i.e., parent/teacher interviews, report card days, holidays.

3.         Professional Development days in which children are not attending school.

4.         During facility related closures

*Note* On days that schools have early dismissals in the afternoon but will be open during lunch hour, lunch will be served unless otherwise notified by the school administration or the School Lunch Association.  These instances are generally very rare, and each school may have unique circumstances that impact decisions reading such.


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